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Why the MHFC is needed...

Currently in Montana (and in most states) there is a technical glitch in state law: ethically practicing alternative and complementary health care (ACHC) practitioners who are practicing professions that do not require a license are open to prosecution for practicing without a license. 

States license professions for the health, safety and welfare of the public, and unlicensed ACHC practices do not meet the threshold of causing a risk of harm to the public, and really do not need to be licensed.  And even though the courts protect unlicensed ACHC practitioners when certain conditions are met, they are still being sanctioned, not because there is a risk of harm, but because they are merely providing a service that is part of a licensed profession's scope, even though the act may also be commonly practiced in ACHC. 

The MHFC works to ensure the consumer continued access to the low/no risk alternative health care of their choice, and the practitioner to continue their practice without fear of being prosecuted.

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